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The Haircut

It started out like almost any other day during summer vacation. We were cleaning up after lunch and the older kids were helping with the dishes. Things seemed pretty quiet and serene as I looked outside at our growing hay-field. Maybe it was a little bit too quiet. All of the sudden I took in a quick breath and said, “Where are the little boys?” Things were definitely too quiet.
We fanned out to look through the different rooms of the house. Sure enough, we found the boys hiding in their room, and they had been up to something extraordinary alright. I just stood there and stared.

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“What happened to your hair!?!” I asked my youngest son. Then the story came spilling out quickly. Our middle son (a.k.a The Wild Card because we never know what he will do next), had discovered my sewing scissors by the sewing machine. He showed the scissors to his little brother and by telling him that five trees were growing out of the top of his head, actually convinced the little guy to stand still for a haircut!

The Haircut (1 of 7)
I must admit, they did a thorough job, and thankfully no one was hurt.

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The haircut did cause a little uproar in our day. Those snipped hairs were pretty short. To “fix” his hair, we had to shave the poor kid completely bald.

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The Wild Card was thinking this was pretty funny…until I told him there needed to be a consequence. “Oh no! Not my hair!” he exclaimed.
“Yes, your hair.” I said.

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Obviously he wasn’t very happy about it.

The Haircut (7 of 7)
The boys learned a lot from the experience, and I suppose now we know what they look like without hair.