Candy Corn and kids part 2-4

Have you tried the new flavors, yet? Candy Corn Taste Test, part 2

Candy Corn part 2-7 title

Have you tried all the new flavors yet? Since our last taste test, we found a few more candy corn varieties which, of course, necessitated another round of taste tests! Not that anyone around here was complaining.

Candy Corn part 2-2

In the first candy corn taste test, we tried Pumpkin Spice, Carmel, and Indian Corn flavors, comparing them to the traditional Autumn Mix of candy corns and pumpkins. For the second test we tried Fruit Crèmes, S’mores, and Peanut Butter Cup candy corns, as well as Assorted Mellowcreme candy.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-1

This was my test panel, ranging in ages from 3 to 10. The blindfolds made it official.

Candy Corn part 2-6

The Fruit Crèmes come in a variety of pastel colors and have distinct flavors.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-2

I randomly grabbed some from the bag while the panelists adjusted their blindfolds.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-3

They’re chewing…

Candy Corn and kids part 2-4

…and it’s a thumbs up!  Yay for the Fruit Crèmes!

Candy Corn part 2-8

Next up were the S’mores flavored candy corns.  To remember which ones they are, think of the white in the middle as the roasted marshmallow in the middle of your graham cracker and chocolate S’mores sandwich.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-5

This was the first time the kids had ever eaten these particular flavors, which made the taste test extra fun.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-6

Mostly thumbs up for the S’mores.  Rae thought they were a little too sweet, so she put out a half-way thumbs up.

Candy Corn part 2-5

Next up were the Peanut Butter Cup candy corns.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-7

They have a chocolate bottom with light brown middles, just like peanut butter cups.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-8

“Blech!”  “Ew!”  “Oh, that was terrible!”  “What was that?!?” was the general reaction for the unfortunate Peanut Butter Cup candy corns.  Edible and sweet, yes, but not very enjoyable.

As a funny side note, the kids gave the taste test to Daddy when he got home from work, and he had a similar reaction, only he compared the taste of these candy corns to that of a beetle.  Yes, a beetle.  How does he know what beetles taste like?  I’m not sure that I want to know.

Candy Corn part 2-4

The Mellowcreme candies come in a variety of shapes and flavors.  The yellow moons and corn cobs are banana flavored.  The brown syrup bottles and wheat bundles have a maple flavor.  The black cats and bats are a unique chocolate-ish flavor, and the pumpkins taste very similar to the traditional pumpkin candies.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-9

Since they were a larger candy, I cut them into pieces and let the kids have a taste of each.  They were generally a big hit.  The boys especially liked the maple flavored (brown) Mellowcremes, and Rae said the banana flavor was her favorite.  However, no one really liked the chocolate flavor Mellowcremes very much.

Candy Corn and kids part 2-10

A crazy thumbs-up for the Mellowcremes!

Candy Corn part 2-7

Now, as a sort of disclaimer, I’d like to mention that another flavor of Brach’s candy corns does exist.  It is some type of coffee flavor.  Since we don’t do coffee around here, we did not include it in the taste test.

I would also like to note that many companies produce candy corns.  However, for consistency, we decided to only taste test Brach’s brand.

We tried a Starburst brand fruit flavored variety of candy corns and they were definitely flavorful, just like Starburst candies, so it can be fun to branch out and try other brands.

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