First jeans-1

First pair of jeans

First jeans bw-4

Our baby reached many milestones over the summer. She now has teeth. Lots of them.  And a beautiful smile.

Her baby babble has started to sound a little bit more like actual words as she tries to mimic what we say.

She has been crawling like a pro. Lately she has been standing up to walk along the furniture.

And . . . she wore her first pair of jeans! Definitely a huge milestone!

First jeans bw-5

I just have to say that baby bottoms are extra cute in jeans.

Did you know that women didn’t really start wearing jeans until the late 1960s and early 1970s? Of course, women started wearing dress pants, or trousers, in public around the 1920s, and more so after the world wars, but jeans were a different matter.

Jeans for ladies came into fashion in the late 1960s and it wasn’t until around 1970 that girls were allowed to wear jeans to school. Fashion is so intertwined with history that I find it very fascinating.

First jeans bw-3

My own grandmother (on my mother’s side) never wore pants in her life! She always wore dresses, and when she left the house, she also wore gloves, a hat, and a fresh flower pinned at her shoulder. So elegant.

I admit that I am definitely a fan of dresses and especially long skirts, but I am sure glad that jeans came into fashion before my era. They are so durable, they are so very comfortable, and the designs on the back pockets are just so cute, especially for little girls.

First jeans bw-2

Around here, we like to have a little boot cut at the bottom of our jeans, just in case. Logically, now that she has her first pair of jeans, we need to work on combining them with her first set of boots! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on that project!